Anti Aging After 50

Anti Aging After 50 Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Cognitive Decline You will at times hear older people and senior citizens say that their memory is failing . It s amazing how some of the elderly can recall in every little detail events that happened tens of years earlier, but they struggle to remember an event that took place only a day or two earlier. Cognitive decline is the name given to this disorder. In the past this would have been simply put down as a natural symptom of getting old, just part of the aging process. The first signs that someone might be suffering with the disorder can be marked by their inability to deal with simple input tasks, not able to fully process basic information and poor judgement. Although the problem can on first inspection seem to be related to aging, it is becoming clearer that the real cause of cognitive decline can not all be lumped at the door of old age or cured by anti aging brain supplements. The medical profession refer to cognitiv